Rolland András Flinta


I am Rolland András Flinta born in Hungary and residing in Bonn/Germany since 1981. I have been a keen photographer since my adolescence however it was not until 2010 that I made the serious decision to take the plunge and fully commit to photography. Taking photographs for me means thousands of thoughts running through my mind; means escaping the real world and diving into another world. For me a good portrait is an image that conveys essential truths about the subject, which penetrates their character to reach their essence. Being a good technical photographer does matter however is less important than being empathetic and identifying with the person in front of the lens. This connection can only be realised when you have an innate bond with your subject. It is what you know and care to know about them that will make your work good. The absence of such knowledge and connection will result in their inner being and true self remaining invisible. Photographs will thus be condemned to be about what you don't know instead of what you do. There are insufficient words to describe my passion and belief that photographs must portray the inner person. In summer 2011 I discovered my enthusiasm for analogue photography. I have learnt from shoot to shoot and the analogue photographs amaze me more and more. The complexity and the effort of analogue photography is much higher and the results are more worthwhile. Where art meets science - the variables including film type, exposure; time and the chemical development combine. The excitement and anticipation in the resultant photograph never the same sometimes not even similar. All this makes the photograph as much as the model, who has to sit still for so long, fascinating and compelling. It is a fantastic and an amazing world.